Big Screen Work

This work included a number of commissions for the BBC during 2005, 2006 and 2007. The system utilises a camera on top of the screen. The camera continually analyses the audience directly in front of the screen. This information is used to make a variety of dynamic interactive solutions. A number of games where created created for existing sports such asFormula One, Football, Gaelic Football, Tennis, Rugby. These were often part of a main sponsor side events to big sporting occasions (Six Nations, Wimbledon,…) and focus on an individual experience. Other games such as Pong, ‘Protect the earth’, Red Nose Day, Yorkshire Rose, Football (2D), Photo Capture, Chase the lion; all engage with groups of people rather then individual promoting a shared experience.On top of this was implemented simple to use interactive voting systems for BBC Radio 3 and side scrolling interactive storytelling.For Wimbledon an interactive Tennis game - without any items (such as a Wii). This would be for large scale venues and outdoors.We implemented a very reliable person position and velocity tracking system which the game would interpret into styles of play. By moving left or right the participant moves the virtual avatar. Aparticipant would play a 3 point game. Starting of by serving.For Red Nose Day a game was created that allowed groups of people in different locations to play against each other in real time.In each location (cities in this case) a crowd needed to gather all the small red noses and create a large one by ‘pushing’ them with their bodies together. As soon as all the noses where combined to create one super large one that city would get a score and this information is shared between all thecities playing.




Big Screen work

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