The Observatory

Arranging a number of industrially-embossed glass screens in a tight almost sculptural circle and making use of the properties of the glass to either reveal or refelect a wealth of contemporary and historical imagery, Robertshaw appears to have arrived at a consumate form of expression for the themes of surveillance and social control that have for so long been a feature of his work. The piece also shows how the incorporation of the so called 'new technologies' has clarified rather than complicated his ideas. Video images now function as a precise component element in a larger, more reverberent setting, while the interactive dimension that Robertshaw seems keen on exploring is used, in the main, to dramatise an equally pivotal shift-of-perspective, in this case the means by which an apparently transparent point-of-view (in optical and ideological terms) is revealed to be completely constructed, particularly striking when a person at the centre of the installation discovers they are also the subject of someone else's gaze.


Side panels.

Central Image

Central area looking to outer panels

Central Image.

The Obesrvatory

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